About Us

Quest for AreteĀ (Are-a-tay) is a collectible card game of magic and duels for players age 12 and up. The magic and history of the game are drawn from the concepts of modern chemistry. In the game, each player is a sorcerer’s apprentice charged by their master to make their way in the world seeking to increase their Arete – or excellence. The back-story of the game sets it in the pre-history of modern chemistry when magicians and sorcerers were actually trained in the undiscovered properties of the natural elements. As an apprentice, you must duel any other sorcerer you meet using magical elements (represented by the cards) that combined make potions and spells. Each duel, won or lost, increases your experience and understanding of the elements and therefore, increases your Arete. For more information, email us at info@QuestForArete.com